UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 118 Assess User Experience to Design Effective Visual Representation and Interaction in Virtual Reality Supervisor: MA Xiaojuan / CSE Student: XU Zian / DSCT Course: UROP1100, Summer With the development of immersive technology, virtual reality (VR) devices have become more and more accessible to normal people. We want to explore more potential uses of virtual world applications, especially their educational use through telling a story. Besides, people have paid more and more attention to public health in recent years, especially under the covid-19. In this project, we design a VR story about public health in a classroom. And based on this model, we want to understand how users feel about different data representations in VR and how users’ interaction with VR affects their understanding of the story. Predicting Student Performance on an E-learning Platform Supervisor: MA Xiaojuan / CSE Student: KIM Justin Juho / MAEC Course: UROP1100, Summer This paper aims to fill knowledge gaps on the role of peer learning in massive open online courses (MOOCs); chiefly, the ways in which peers interact with one another in MOOCs (RQ1), the factors inhibiting peer learning (RQ2), and interventions in the instructional design of MOOCs to better facilitate peer interaction and learning (RQ3). Semi-structured interviews were conducted and coded. It was found that MOOC learners used forums, social media, and messaging platforms to interact with one another, of which forums were the least conducive to peer interaction. Furthermore, respondents had reservations about the value of peer evaluation, eroding its effectiveness as an evaluation technique. Overall, this study presents three recommendations regarding the instructional design of MOOCs: (i) establish and encourage informal methods of communication between MOOC learners, (ii) assign set partners to learners for the duration of the MOOC, and (iii) limit peer evaluations and peer-graded assignments to the final weeks of a MOOC.