UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Computer Science and Engineering 130 Comparative Studies of Programming Languages Supervisor: ZHANG Charles Chuan / CSE Student: TANG Zichen / COMP Course: UROP1000, Summer Memory safety has been a critical issue that programmers focus on when developing and using the programming language. For programming languages like C/C++ with the support of arbitrary memory access, frequent memory safety bugs come with their outstanding performance. Solving the memory safety bugs while maintaining efficiency and usability is pretty challenging. With the new features of the ownership mechanism and borrow checker, Rust has been a prevalent and efficient programming language for memorysafety protection. This report will be mainly about the innovative features in Rust memory-safety issues and the characteristics of those bugs. Gesture Recognition Using Raspberry Pi Platform Leveraging Machine Learning Technology Supervisor: ZHANG Qian / CSE Student: DING Wenxuan / COMP Course: UROP1100, Fall Recent gesture recognition techniques are employing acoustic signals to keep track of hand movements and acoustic-based recognition promises to be applied to a wide range of areas, including smart health and smart home. In this project, I designed a few gestures that can satisfy some basic uses of e-guides in shopping malls and developed an acoustic-based gesture recognition system to allow contact-free manipulations of these eguides, which avoids possible virus affection through direct touching. In this recognition system, I used SVM machine learning packets from Python to tackle with the basic classification of gestures and some further analysis into the data collected to allow more advanced commands.