UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 133 Nanostructured Chemical Sensors and Sensor Systems Supervisor: FAN Zhiyong / ECE Student: YANG Zheng / ELEC Course: UROP2100, Fall UROP3100, Spring CMOS is the dominant technology used to build integrated circuit which is all around our life and perovskites are promising optoelectrical materials which many researchers are working on. Field effect transistors are basic units in CMOS technology and perovskite materials can be used as FET’s channel materials and show similar properties with silicon-based FET. In this report, perovskite field effect transistor’s structure and different perovskite materials used for FET are introduced. And the relationship between insulator dielectric constant and field effect is elaborated. Then hysteresis is introduced and the mechanisms and solutions are talked about. Finally perovskite FET stability and how to measure it are presented. Robust and Generalized Methods for Medical Image Analysis Supervisor: LI Xiaomeng / ECE Student: CAINE Wilbert / COSC Course: UROP2100, Fall A Context-aware system is crucial in Operating Room (OR) to ensure situational awareness and promote patient safety. To achieve this objective, the tasks that need to be addressed are dealing with present and future events. There has been massive development on tasks that focus on the present events, such as surgical workflow recognition. However, the high-level future awareness, such as surgical scheduling, is still limited. In one of the previous works, future frames in synthetic surgical videos have been found to be well generated. In this project, we applied two different models to predict the future frames in surgical videos. Future frame prediction can also be utilized in other tasks, which usually requires that future information is available.