UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 148 Neural Coding for Motor Brain Machine Interfaces Supervisor: WANG Yiwen / ECE Student: WANG Ziyi / DSCT Course: UROP1100, Spring The project “Neural Coding for Motor Brain Machine Interfaces” aims to build neural coding models for motor brain machine interfaces. Neural coding consists of 2 related parts, encoding and decoding. Encoding means to predict neural codes from kinematics data, and decoding means the reverse, to predict kinematics data from neural codes. In this semester, the project focuses on the encoding part, and is still in progress. This report shows the algorithms and theorems for encoding, the process of simulation to verify the feasibility of the algorithm, and the manipulation of parameters to understand the influence of every parameter on the outcomes. Development of Network Communication System for Locomotion Robots Supervisor: WONG Man / ECE Student: WANG Haoyi / CPEG Course: UROP1100, Fall UROP2100, Spring UROP3100, Summer The aim of the project is to use UWB positioning technology to design a wireless system for robot localization. Our research proposed a new improved method using unified modules without the differentiation as base stations and tags. In this phase of the project, we thoroughly explored and modified the program embedded in the UWB modules, so that not only can we acquire the distance between any pair of modules, but also, we can change the output from the serial port to get any kind of information we want. We also did multiple experiments to get a large amount of data to estimate the performance of the modules in different conditions. Design and Characterization of a Tactile Sensor Array Supervisor: WONG Man / ECE Student: CHEN Sida / ISDN Course: UROP1100, Fall The research topic I’m helping with is called tactile sensor array. It is a kind of sensor array that can detect the force applied on top of it. It was made with the technology called Thin-Film Transistor (TFT) and as a result, its circuit only contains NMOS instead of CMOS. I was responsible of design the testing environment and conduct characterization of the manufactured die. There are two things to test in this project: sensor array and the ADC circuit. I would elaborate on what I have done, what are the difficulties, and what I have learned in this project.