UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 149 Nano/Microfabrication Technologies for Microelectronic and Photonics Supervisor: YANG Yansong / ECE Student: HO Tsz Fung / CPEG Course: UROP1100, Spring This report summarizes the effort paid to receive training at the Nanosystem Fabrication Facility in the University, as well as to gain the qualifications required for conducting microfabrication laboratory works, under the social restrictions imposed during the pandemic. In this project, the safety, chemical and contamination control trainings, and their relevant examinations were scheduled and received to obtain the user approval of the Facility. Trials using different microfabrication techniques had also been put for implementing the process flow for patterning aluminum electrodes on the irregular shaped silicon wafer, while contact photolithography, E-beam lithography, sputtering, e-beam evaporation, oxidation, wet etching, dry etching, and lift-off technique was investigated during the process. High-performance CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Design for Short-Range Optical Communications Supervisor: YUE Chik Patrick / ECE Student: NUGRAHA Ferris Prima / CPEG Course: UROP1100, Fall This research project aims to investigate the electronic components involved in antenna systems that could be applied for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) and Positioning. WPT is becoming ubiquitous, especially in the IoT for low-powered logistics tracking or more challenging power transmission of wireless robots. In this project, we focus more on the patch or microstrip antenna arrays responsible as the power transmitter at the power beacon through electromagnetic radiation in the frequency regime of 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, beamformed to the receivers located in specific location. Several characteristics of the antenna structure studied include the far-field radiation pattern, directivity, efficiency, and the S-parameters. Selected antenna structures from papers could be simulated with state-of-the-art software like CST Studio Suite 2020.