UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering 150 Design of a Wireless Data and Power Transmission System for IoT Devices Charging and Communication Supervisor: YUE Chik Patrick / ECE Student: KANG Tianqu / EEGBM Course: UROP1100, Fall The goal of the project is to build one MWPT system that can charge the devices wirelessly while transmitting data between the charger and receiver as well. Bluetooth is used for the connection and charging, as it is easy to implement, and has high indoor localization accuracy. To perform wireless charging, the first step is to connect and locate the receiver. This report would focus on Bluetooth Indoor localization. The general wireless localization method is firstly analyzed, then the accuracy of the RSSI based localization method would be evaluated. Video Compression via Deep Learning for Resource-constrained Edge AI Systems Supervisor: ZHANG Jun / ECE Student: ZHANG Yutian / CPEG Course: UROP1100, Spring UROP2100, Summer The wide deployment of audiovisual devices in recent years has placed increasing demand for data storage and transmission. Meanwhile, the development of artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies has provided promising tools for effective data compression, saving storage cost and reducing transmission latency. Neural network-based methods can greatly improve the compression efficiency and are bringing a paradigm shift to various data compression problems. This project will focus on low-complexity deep neural networks for video compression, considering resource-constrained edge devices.