UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Business and Management Department of Economics 175 Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China Supervisor: LI Yao / ECON Student: WANG Kaiwen / MAEC Course: UROP1100, Fall This report documents the trade barriers induced by the United States and China in the context of trade conflicts between the two countries since 2017. With special interest on the effect of trade policies on 5G products, we aim to employ regressions of Chinese import level on Chinese retaliation tariff as well as Chinese export level on US tariff based on the data covering the period from January 2016 to December 2019. This HS-6 level analysis so far (1) has not sufficed to provide evidence for significant change in Chinese import level in response to retaliation tariff, and (2) confirm that all five-G related products and homogeneous unrelated products are exposed to US tariff. This latter finding also leads to documentations on facts regarding non-tariff measures imposed by the United States on 5G products. Firms in Globalization: Evidence from China Supervisor: LI Yao / ECON Student: XU Runzhao / MAEC ZHENG Yufei / MAEC Course: UROP2100, Summer UROP1100, Summer We aim to study the effect of state-owned enterprises reform in China. The reform started from 1978, with progressive measures. We use the firm-level production data of Chinese manufacturing firms from 2000 to 2007 to observe the changes of enterprises’ performance after the reform and try to analyze the treatment effect of the reform on SOEs compared to non-SOEs. We use the ratio of capital funds from state to define SOEs and find that the number of SOEs decreases, one of the reasons is the privatization of SOEs. Meanwhile, taking per labor output and per firm output as proxy variables, the average output value of each SOEs increases faster than non-SOEs. As a result, the state advanced while the private sector retreated. The Local Impacts of BRI Projects Supervisor: LIN Yatang / ECON Student: CHAN Wai Chung / MAEC Course: UROP1100, Summer This report describes my work in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program in 2022 Summer in the project Local Impacts of Belts and Roads Initiative(BRI) Projects. I carried out data collection and cleaning and Geo-coding work in the first stage. Overall, I have finished the data collection and cleaning as well as their Geo-coding for more than 900 datum. For most of projects, I provided a clear commitment, implementation start and completion year and their exact location expressed in ”Latitude, Longitude”. And with the supplement of data from DHS Program, I conducted a simple linear regression analysis of the BRI Projects on the local employment. The results of the analysis shows a negative relationship between exposure to BRI project during window period and employment. While it also shows a very little relationship between exposure and unskilled status.