UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Science Division of Life Science 36 Genetic Studies on Stem Cell Regulation Supervisor: XIE Ting / LIFS Co-supervisor: TU Renjun / LIFS Student: TANG Xiaohan / BCB Course: UROP2100, Fall UROP3100, Spring UROP4100, Summer The Drosophila ovary has been an elegant model for studying processing such as sexual reproduction, stem cell biology and developmental signaling. Decades of extensive research has successfully revealed the entire process of germline development, from stem cell niche maintainence to differentiation, cyst development and oocyte determination, these events occurring in the germarium pushes the formation of a premature egg. Genetic Studies on Stem Cell Regulation Supervisor: XIE Ting / LIFS Co-supervisor: TU Renjun / LIFS Student: XU Rui / BCB Course: UROP1100, Fall UROP2100, Spring UROP3100, Summer Previous studies have indicated that protein kinases are fundamental in many biochemical reactions. Therefore, nowadays, kinases have also become the critical sites of many researchers’ attention when studying the regulation of cell signaling. In this project, we aimed to investigate the role of different kinase coding genes in the cap cell and terminal filament mediating germline stem cell development in Drosophila by crossing Bab1-Gal4 with 30 kinase RNA interference (RNAi) lines (detailed could be found in the methodology part). We did a genetic screen for different kinds of protein kinases. Moreover, eventually, we discovered that CG6612 and CG82957, CG17146, and CG 4032 have stimulating effects on the suspension of germline stem cells (GSC). Niche Regulation of Stem Cell Self-renewal, Differentiation and Ageing Supervisor: XIE Ting / LIFS Co-supervisor: TU Renjun / LIFS Student: PARK Changmo / BIOT Course: UROP1100, Spring UROP2100, Summer The impact of a particular gene on stem cells could be investigated by knocking it out with RNA interference and studying for possible abnormal phenotypes or any differences compared to the phenotypes of wild types. If genes involved in germline stem cell development in drosophila are silenced, many defects could be found such as abnormal follicle structure in ovaries, deficiency in the number of GSCs due to self-renewal defects, and the unusual number of cytoblasts due to differentiation defects. Throughout this genetic screening research, several genes crossed by GAL4-NOS or GAL4-C587 were found to have such abnormal phenotypes especially the BL Flybase Stock number of 35372,41931, and 41889. In future studies, the reason for their abnormalities will be studied and identified.