UROP Proceedings 2021-22

Sharing by Students CHANG Cheuk Yan Atta BEng in Bioengineering CHEN Zehan BSc in Physics UROP was the most valuable course throughout my HKUST journey. It allowed me to explore different fields and reinforce my career goal. Being an absolute UROP fan, I have taken three different UROP projects, each of which gave me the precious opportunity to learn and grow as a mature researcher. HKUST has a huge network of excellent supervisors and researchers. On top of learning laboratory techniques, they taught me the right attitude to fight challenges we encountered. Research is never about random trials and errors. I have learnt how to make hypotheses and systematically justify them. I was beyond grateful that UROP gave me the chance to explore what I am truly passionate about, as well as inspired me to become a researcher that can contribute to the betterment of society in the future. To me, the 3-year UROP experience was priceless in showing me what exactly scientific research is. Although doing research seems out of reach for an undergraduate, do not be afraid. There is no need to know everything. You just need to learn a certain topic, be familiar with previous research work, and make your own improvement. In my UROP career, I encountered numerous difficulties, and felt anxious and tired from time to time. However, when I finally solved a problem, it was worth the effort. These are the valuable treasure and the fun of innovation and research that UROP brings to everyone who joins it. ii