UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Science Department of Physics 68 Excitation and Imaging of Terahertz Phonon-polaritons Supervisor: ZHANG Jingdi / PHYS Student: CHENG Chun Hei / PHYS Course: UROP1100, Fall The goal of this project is to study the effect of a sample placed on a crystal on the propagation of phononpolariton in the crystal using FDTD (finite difference time domain) simulation which is helpful for the development of phonon-polariton spectroscopy. In this UROP 1100 programme, the dispersion relations of a thin (30μm) LiNbO3 layer in air with and without a sample on top are obtained from the 2D FDTD simulation of phonon-polaritons. This can potentially be used to study the effect of samples with different optical properties on the dispersion relations of the LiNbO3 layer.