UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 70 Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Ultrasound-Triggered Drug/Gene Release from Self-Assembling Carriers Supervisor: CHAU Ying / CBE Student: SHIN June Yeol / BIOT Course: UROP1100, Fall After observing that RNA was able to partition into Artificial Membraneless Organelles (AMO) successfully, whether low frequency ultrasound(LFUS) can induce the release of the RNA from the AMO was investigated. Exposure to LFUS for 1 minute actually increased the amount of RNA that is partitioned into the AMOs, rather than triggering the release from it. The effect of LFUS on cell viability and sonoporation was also conducted which showed that most cell lines are able to maintain cell viability for up to 5 minutes, while its cell membranes showed significant sonoporation. Such findings show prospects in utilizing LFUS for both the maximum loading of drugs into AMOs, and an efficient intracellular delivery of those AMOs through the LFUS-induced sonoporation of target cell membranes. Development of Functional Food Supervisor: CHAU Ying / CBE Co-supervisor: LIU Yuanshuai / CBE Student: YORDANOV Matey Svetlan / CENG Course: UROP2100, Spring One of the major concerns in all industries is that Earth resources are not endless and if not utilized wisely, we would not be able to preserve what we have now, for the future generations. Therefore, the focus is being changed from optimizing the industry purely for economic growth to optimizing it for more sustainable production processes. This project focuses mainly on Food and Beverage Industry and development of upcycled products which do not only safe production waste, but also have health-benefiting properties. In this way the sustainability issue can be resolved by food waste valorisation. As a result, multiple functional food and beverage products targeting this issue were developed.