UROP Proceedings 2021-22

School of Engineering Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering 77 Improving Data Analysis Methods for Shotgun Proteomics Supervisor: LAM Henry Hei Ning / CBE Student: SHAO Heyan / CENG Course: UROP1100, Summer Tandem mass spectrometry has emerged as a state-of-the-art method to detect and measure protein samples in the form of digested peptide sequences. Determining the data quality of peptide fragmentation is one of the major challenges in proteomics, as the peptide fragmentation behavior may differ in practice. This research presents metrics for measuring the quality of peptide fragmentation based on tandem mass spectra characteristics and investigate the peptide fragmentation quality based on the peptide sequence only. By examining the peptide fragmentation performance, we can assess the importance of peptide features, which helps to improve the quality of peptide identification. It is investigated that K-ending peptides showed better fragmentation pattern compared to R-ending peptides, and both polar and aromatic amino acids have no obvious correlation with the quality of fragmentation. A Bifunctional Reactor Design for Biological and Chemical Oxidation Processes of The Greywater Remediation Supervisor: LAM Leung Yuk Frank / CBE Student: MA Man Chun / CENG Course: UROP1000, Summer Water scarcity make water recycling become an important task around the world. Greywater treatment is one of the water recycling methods. It is essential to achieve sustainable development and enhance the efficiency of the water recycling. This project also tries to reduce the operating cost of the greywater treatment machine. A total of six step will be adopted in this greywater treatment machine, including Foam, two ozonation, one biotreatment, one sedimentation and one UV disinfection. The TOC value is mainly used for the measure the purity of the water reclaimed. This paper will provide part of the treatment result and some parts of the treatment modification.