CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

19 CHAPTER 3 Government Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Complexity, uncertainty, progressive approaches, and innovation Government Plenary Chin Wan TSE, BBS, JP Secretary for Environment and Ecology, EEB David LAM, JP Under Secretary for Development, DEVB Ir. Ricky Chi Pan WONG, JP Head of Civil Engineering Office, CEDD Alice PANG, JP Director of Drainage Services, DSD Ir. Dr. Raymond CHEUNG, JP Head of Geotechnical Engineering Office, CEDD Dr. Siu Fai LEUNG, JP Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, AFCD Ir. Kelvin Kwok Wah LO, JP Director of Water Supplies, WSD Ir. Ken Chor Kee YEUNG Chief Building Services Engineer, ArchSD Ir. Henry Yu Shing CHANG Chief Building Services Engineer, HD Moderator: Prof. Christine LOH, SBS, JP, OBE Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment, HKUST The intention of showcasing the HKSAR Government’s relevant policies and projects at the start of CARE2022 on Day 1 was to inform the public about the breadth of climate adaptation-related work. The feedback was positive because government Bureaux and Departments with major responsibilities for climate change shared their plans and projects together. This chapter focuses on what the Bureaux and Departments presented. The intention is not to provide a detailed critique of their work here, as that would require substantial effort beyond the ambit of a post-conference report. Nevertheless, together with Chapters 4 and 5 that summarized the discussions at the two Workshops on Day 1, it is possible to make general observations, such as the Bureaux and Departments are significant users of technology and generators of innovations, and recommendations that would hopefully offer useful reflections for the authorities and the community on where gaps lie and where trade-offs need to be more clearly articulated. WATCH VIDEO