CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

21 “Our target is to achieve carbon neutrality before 2050 … The Chief Executive have … [pulled] all policy secretaries and relevant department heads together to have a whole government approach to tackle the issue and reach the objective.” Chin Wan Tse Secretary, EEB “Since the promulgation of the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report in 2021, [we have] promptly assessed the climate change projection parameters for Hong Kong and then updated the relevant design manuals for port works and storm water facilities to reflect the latest projection of sea level rise, extreme wind increase, and spearheaded departments for planning for more resilient government infrastructure. We will continue the initiatives like the blue-green coastline, flood attenuation measures, coastal enhancement and landslip preventive measures.”” David Lam Under Secretary, DEVB 3 Government Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Chin Wan Tse, EEB FIGURE 3.1 Converging expertise of government departments for adaptation Climate Change Working Group on Infrastructure (CCWGI) “CEDD emphasises both climate mitigation and adaptation in taking forward our projects. CEDD will continue to … work in concerted effort with other departments to make our infrastructure more climate resilient.” Ricky Wong Head of Civil Engineering Office, CEDD Ricky Wong, CEDD CEDD’s coordination role In 2016, the government established the Climate Change Working Group on Infrastructure (CCWGI) led by CEDD to coordinate the efforts of the works departments and HKO in adapting to climate change. The CCWGI reports its work plans and progress to the Steering Committee on Climate Change and Carbon Neutrality2 chaired by the Chief Executive. The CCWGI has been updating the relevant standards for design of infrastructure in tandem with the release of IPCC AR6 since August 2021.3 It coordinates the efforts of the relevant departments to strengthen the government critical infrastructure. It has also been carrying out studies to David Lam, DEVB