CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

1 Preface Climate Adaptation and Resilience Conference 2022 (CARE2022) carried forward what we started in 2018 with the first major event focussed on adaptation in Hong Kong. We focussed on adaptation because it was a neglected topic. There used to be much more interest in climate mitigation although both aspects are equally important in light of the changing climate. Adaptation took centre stage internationally at COP27 in 2022, and we expect the theme to continue at COP28 in 2023. In 2018, we were grateful to have the support of two Bureaux and five Departments of the HKSAR Government working closely with us. In 2022, we had the support of four Bureaux and nine Departments plus three financial regulatory bodies, together with business and professional organizations. It was a demonstration that climate change issues have gained broad and high-level attention in Hong Kong – a positive sign. A conference is a moment in time for a gathering of people to engage each other on specific issues. A conference’s success needs to be judged by what follows. From 2018 to 2022 (despite COVID years in between), we could see Hong Kong’s continuing progress on climate science research, further planning and implementation of various adaptation related infrastructure projects; and significant efforts from financial policymakers and regulators. While some gaps are being filled, others are still awaiting attention. We hope CARE2022 had stimulated enthusiasm to push forward on a broad front. This post-conference report summarizes the three days of CARE2022. The main purpose of this report is to highlight where we have observed gaps that need attention. Our hope at HKUST is that we will focus on some of the gaps within our competence to continue to engage with the HKSAR Government and others in a collaborative spirit because the challenge presented by climate change is so large and urgent. Our sponsors for both 2018 and 2022 are major enterprises in Hong Kong, some of whom have businesses beyond Hong Kong. They are important and influential in the climate challenge and we are grateful for their continuing support. We look forward to continuing pushing ahead at HKUST with the support of stakeholders to stimulate the IMPACT needed for Hong Kong to achieve carbon neutrality and be resilient against extreme weather. Christine LOH Chi Ming SHUN Alexis LAU CARE2022 Co-Chairpersons, Organising Committee