CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

29 3 Government Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Biodiversity and ecosystems Good management of natural assets helps to sequester and store carbon that contribute to climate mitigation. Protecting and restoring ecosystems can help to reduce the extent of climate change and cope with its impact. Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) under Environment and Ecology Bureau (EEB) formulates and implements plans for the conservation, management, and sustainable development of Hong Kong’s natural resources with a view to enhancing the capacity for climate mitigation and adaptation. AFCD currently manages 24 country parks, 22 special areas and 8 marine parks/reserves that cover over 40% of land area and about 4% of sea area of Hong Kong, and new areas are being added (Robin’s Nest Country Park and North Lantau Marine Park). There are on-going afforestation and plantation enrichment programs, and AFCD plays an important role in hill fire prevention. Coastal ecosystems are important to adaptation for flood prevention and coastal protection. “…AFCD will continue to collaborate with other government Bureaux and Departments, academics, professional associations and industry practitioners, to conserve our precious natural resources and habitats, and to promote the sustainable development of our agriculture and fisheries, with a view to enhancing our capability to combat climate change.” Siu Fai Leung Director, AFCD Wetland Conservation Parks System under NMDS Siu Fai Leung, AFCD