CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

31 Inter-departmental Multi-faceted Common Operational Picture 3 Government Panel on Adaptation and Resilience Housing Bureau is responsible for formulating housing policies, while Housing Authority builds and provide public housing with the Housing Department being its executive arm. As far as climate change is concerned, Housing Authority-Housing Department’s (HA-HD) policy is “to proactively echo government policy on carbon neutrality,” and continue to review and enhance its climate adaptive public housing design, in green construction and energy management. HA-HD is the pioneer in Hong Kong to adopt large-scale precast concrete components in the construction of public housing which reduce significant amount of construction waste; and is actively exploring innovative high productivity construction technology such as Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) as a means to reduce environmental footprints. While the design of public housing takes a no-frills approach to keep cost down, HA-HD has been successful in designing in green buildings features that achieve high BEAM Plus rating. Climate-related innovation and technology An observation is that government departments are major users of innovation and technologies (I&T) to solve problems, and their efforts have led to many innovations that could be inspiring if showcased with the appropriate narratives. To start with, HKO is the HKSAR Government’s climate science authority. HKO has a strong national and international reputation, and its officers are meteorological experts with a deep focus on climate science. Other government departments consult and rely on HKO for climate projections to guide them on their plans and projects. HKO uses data science and works with university experts across a whole range of relevant disciplines that are impressive and forwardlooking. Each of the departments noted in this chapter are major users of IoT and Big Data, and they also innovate to solve problems together. The Inter-departmental Multi-faceted Common Operation Platform, established by GEO, is impressive and essential for good governance in the era of climate change. On Tai Estate, completed in 2018, was designed and constructed with various sustainability and inclusivity features Henry Chang, HD