CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

42 4 Nexus between Mitigation and Adaptation OBSERVATIONS 1. Cross-cutting, multi-andinterdisciplinary deliberations are essential for co-learning and problemsolving. Designing and conducting complex dialogue can help to progress exploration of issues, where there are bound to be different perspectives, methods, and disagreements. 2. There is a great desire among professionals and institutions to have appropriate platforms and RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Institutions in Hong Kong can coordinate and cooperate to divide up the work to convene cross-cutting dialogue. 2. Bureaux and Departments can consider how they could organize themselves to connect with various institutions so that they could convene or participate in such periodic dialogue for exploring issues. 3. Two early examples to develop new dialogue platforms with government involvement could be about: (a) Landslide and sea level rise risks, which could be hosted by an appropriate financial regulatory institution for financial institutions to have a deeper understanding of the risk assessments and prevention plans relevant to two major risks in Hong Kong; and (b) Built environment, which could be hosted by an appropriate institution for the property development and management sector together with the financial services sector to exchange views on what it takes for them to proper convening for co-learning and problem-solving dialogue across sectors, including with government and regulators at both the senior and working levels. 3. A barrier to sustaining engagements is the lack of time, focus and/or resources for the planning, design, curating and convening of neutral spaces for dialogue. Everyone wishes someone else could rally stakeholders. 4. Green-ClimateTech emerges as a major innovation area that the public, private and academic sectors are already investing hugely in, but it has yet to receive adequate attention from the authorities to view them from a policy perspective. Moreover, managing the climate transition requires large-scale digitalisation. meet the climate transition for new and existing buildings, as well as cityscape, together with relevant Bureaux and Departments, and how large-scale plans could be financed. 4. Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau may wish to consider the importance of Green-ClimateTech in light of the local, national and global attention in achieving the climate transition (see Chapter 6 on the broader integration of Green-ClimateProp-FinTech).