CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

43 CHAPTER 5 Preparedness and Resilience WORKSHOP B Emergencies, Security, Health, Water, Heat Stress, and Regional Collaboration The purpose of Workshop B on Day 1 of CARE2022 was to facilitate discussions with stakeholders about the initiatives of the government, public utilities, community services and academics in preparedness and resilience to cope with extreme weather and other climate risks. The joint presentations made by HKO, DSD, GEO/CEDD, and Fire Services Department (FSD), and by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) and CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP) addressed several major physical risks in terms of territorywide emergency preparation and responses and ensuring security of critical infrastructures. Workshop B also focussed on extreme heat, which had attracted considerable attention in 2022, with presentations from the perspectives of town planning, academic research, emergency medicine and community service. The issue of hitherto unknown tertiary climate risks was also raised, which could guide preparedness for the uncharted waters of the future. Due to time limitation, the following themes could have been further elaborated although useful feedback and ideas emerged from the discussion: • Resilience to drought and water conservation. • Regional collaboration especially in the GBA. • Climate change and health, beyond extreme heat. • Green building designs for ‘Cooling Hong Kong’. • Risk levels to be considered / adopted in climate adaptation and resilience planning. • Local climate data collection and sharing of climate projection data. • Subdivided flat issues pertaining to heat stress. Workshop B Pak Wai CHAN, JP Assistant Director, HKO Ir. David LEUNG Chief Engineer, DSD Ir. Florence KO Chief Geotechnical Engineer, Geotechnical Engineering Office, CEDD Chan Leung NG Deputy Chief Fire Officer, FSD Peter LEE General Manager, Sustainability, Airport Authority Hong Kong Ir. Eric CHEUNG Senior Director – Power Systems, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited Prof. Kar Kan LING, SBS Former Director of Planning, Director of Jockey Club Design Institute for Social Innovation and Professor of Practice (Planning), Hong Kong Polytechnic University Prof. Chao REN Associate Professor, Faculty of Architecture, HKU Dr. Ben WAN Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong College of Emergency Medicine Eva YEUNG Senior Manager, Community Resilience Service, Hong Kong Red Cross Prof. Alexis LAU, JP Professor and Head of Division of Environment and Sustainability, HKUST Moderator: Chi Ming SHUN, SBS Former Director of the HKO and Chair of the CARE2022 Technical Committee WATCH VIDEO