CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

49 5 Preparedness and Resilience • Rescue operations FSD extensively adopted various measures for the enhancement of operational preparedness for the more frequent extreme weather conditions including the usage of new technology in operation, community recovery after disaster and public education for arousing awareness of risks arising from extreme weather conditions. In carrying out search and rescue (SAR) operations for emergency responses to extreme weather, FSD addressed these challenges through application of technological innovations including deployment of underwater remotely operated vehicle, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and AI. FIGURE 5.9 Application of technological innovations: underwater remotely operated vehicle (top) and unmanned aircraft systems (bottom) Source: FSD FIGURE 5.10 Volunteer teams of FSD supported community recovery after Mangkhut Source: FSD FIGURE 5.11 Social media platforms of FSD promoting public education Source: FSD HKFSD Facebook HKFSD Youtube channel