CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

52 5 Preparedness and Resilience FIGURE 5.14 Climate change risk assessment conducted by CLP Source: CLP FIGURE 5.15 Peak demand management in cooperation with HKO Source: CLP Adopt Leading Sources • General trends from IPCC AR6 • Localised data from HKO Prudent Approach – Adopt Worst Values • localised data as baseline • RCP8.5 climate projections for ‘business as usual’ scenario Three Time Horizons to Assess Impacts to CLP Power’s Operations Near-term 2030 Mid-term 2050 Far-term 2080 Climate Baseline and Projection Data Likelihood Consequence Extreme High Medium Low CLP Risk Matrix to Assess Risk Level AI learning characteristics : Day-type Climate Heat Index Weather attributes from Automatic Regional Weather Forecast (ARWF) of HKO: Total cloud cover Probability of daily rainfall Daily Load Forcasting Model Peak Demand Management Trigger when appropriate Incentive for customers to reduce consumption during peak demand period