CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

54 system which provides green buffers among high-density development parcels, the planned provision of a large flood retention pond will have the dual function of addressing the need of flooding prevention and achieving district cooling by the presence of a large water body amidst the built-up areas. Similar urban design feature of a large flood retention lake also presents in the ex-Anderson Road Quarry site. Conservation of a natural stream to become an urban riverside park of the Tung Chung New Town will be another example integrating flood prevention, urban design and recreation purpose, with the preservation of natural features. In the Northern Metropolis Development Strategy, the Government will undertake proactive conservation policy for the first time to create environmental capacity by resumption of about 700 hectares of private land with high ecological value to form an integrated natural coastline and wetland conservation system with a total size of about 2000 hectares. Under this development, apart from conserving the ecologically sensitive fish ponds and wet land, the entire natural coastline of Tsim Bei Tsui-Lau Fau Shan-Pak Nai will be preserved and turned into a 12.5 km long coastal protection park with waterfront promenade which will become the longest urban park in Hong Kong (see also Chapter 3 and Chapter 4). 5 Preparedness and Resilience FIGURE 5.17 Urban park systems of Kwu Tung North and Fanling North NDAs Source: PlanD FIGURE 5.18 Waterfront promenades planned for Tung Chung East and Kai Tak Development Area provide highly permeable sea/ land interfaces which will optimize air ventilation Source: CEDD Open space network of Tung Chung East Development Kai Tak Development