CARE2022 Hong Kong Conference

77 CHAPTER 7 Workshop: Scholars’ Day Exchange of scholarship The purpose of Day 2 of CARE2022 was for university scholars to present their research work and to exchange views in areas that have relevance to climate adaptation and resilience. The topics of exchange aligned with adaptation challenges most relevant to Hong Kong and the GBA. KEYNOTE: Landslide and Slope Safety by Prof. Charles Ng (CLP Holdings Professor of Sustainability, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, HKUST) The presentation was based on public sector funded research done in collaboration with GEO/CEDD to understand the critical aspects of debris flows. Debris flows are a type of fastmoving landslides on hillsides that are particularly threatening because they are highly destructive and often strike without warning (have poor temporal prediction). They generally occur during periods of heavy rainfall, and they can travel at high speed, carrying boulders and trees, sweeping everything else on its way. Studies in Hong Kong aim to use the knowledge to design and create effective ways that could mitigate their destructive capabilities through constructing multiple, flexible barriers that could act as brakes. Charles Ng, HKUST WATCH VIDEO