HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

The Acting Head’s Message notably momentous events have marked this half-year period. The first is the rapid relaxation of COVID-related restrictions in Hong Kong. Few words can express the sea change in mood that this has brought about. As a result, the palpable enthusiasm and vigor that had been missing for three years have returned to our lives. The second event was the release of ChatGPT. Although there is no mention of ChatGPT in this newsletter, it is incumbent upon me to address it given its potential to upend so many jobs, tasks, and industries, particularly in education. As educators, my divisional colleagues and I have engaged in many discussions about ChatGPT and our response is evolving as our understanding evolves. Suffice it to say that, in combination, these events have added a flavor and spice that has been sorely lacking for quite some time! Happy reading! ur previous newsletter was issued in September 2022, and this newsletter covers the intervening period. Two O Professor Naubahar Sharif, Division of Public Policy, HKUST March 2023 HKUST PPOL | Newsletter Spring 2023 1