HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

HKUST PPOL | Newsletter Spring 2023 11 Research Showcase Li, Z., Guo, Y., Yarime, M., & Wu, X. (2022). Policy Designs for Adaptive Governance of Disruptive Technologies: the Case of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) in China. are welcome to those long concerned about the risks associated with their rapid deployment. However, these changes are not sufficient to safeguard privacy and data security. More importantly, these policies may not have fully accounted for the disruptive nature of these technologies. This paper examines the need and the ecent regulations introduced by the Chinese government regarding big data technologies R potential for new approaches in policy design regarding disruptive technologies by examining the case of facial recognition technology (FRT) in China. It is argued that adaptive governance provides a useful framework for future policy design. Regulatory sandbox approach, policy mix, and stakeholder engagement are among key policy measures to overcome regulatory challenges. Policy Design and Practice, 1-14.