HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

37 Workshop A combined a range of climate change policies, adaptation, mitigation, risk, and finance issues that are infrequently discussed and are closely related. It focused on decarbonization and adaptation into account in the government’s major development plan. In Workshop B, urban planning, academic, healthcare, and community service experts shared how to prepare and counteract the significant impact of extreme weather, such as urban heat island issues and extreme heat and uncharted waters in the future. Day 2 was the academic day focused on excess water challenges, forestry, heat stress, infrastructure, and health issues. Academics from Tsinghua University, HKUST, HKU, and CUHK, participated in discussions on important aspects of adaptation and resilience. Mr. Ye PAN, an MPhil student of PPOL, presented his work titled “City-level & international collaborative projects for climate adaptation in China” in the “Forestry, Heat Stress, Infrastructure, and Health” session. Since there is an urgent need to improve urban resilience worldwide, particularly in China, he used a qualitative database method to study China’s international collaborative projects on climate change adaptation. Day 3 was a half-day Policy and Green Finance Forum that invited government representatives, business and finance leaders, investors, and scholars to deliberate on climate policy, risk management, talent, and finance for adaptation. News and Events