HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

Awards and Achievements Professor Naubahar SHARIF Received the Inaugural Cornell-HKUST Global Strategic Collaboration Award Professor Sharif’s research interests include science, technology and innovation (STI) policy in Hong Kong and within the ‘Greater Bay Area’ of Southern China; automation in China; and the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. In 2011 he completed the Executive Education program in Innovation for Economic Development at Harvard University. Professor Sharif has been nominated for the Michael G. Gale Medal for Distinguished Teaching, also has won the Interdisciplinary Programs Office’s Teaching Excellence Award (in 2020), the School of Humanities and Social Science (SHSS) Best Teacher Award (twice, in 2009 and 2016), and his course was nominated for the Common Core Excellence award. He has been awarded both ‘Public Policy Research’ (PPR) and ‘General Research Fund’ (GRF) grants by Hong Kong’s Research Grants Council (RGC). He has been the co-investigator for two ‘Strategic Public Policy Research’ (SPPR) grants awarded by Hong Kong’s Policy Innovation and Co-ordination Office (PICO) as well as a cross-institutional ‘Collaborative Research Fund” (CRF) grant also awarded by the RGC. Professor Sharif’s research has had a demonstrable impact on society and his research was one of HKUST’s few ‘impact case study’ submissions (sole-authored) for its 2020 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE). Each grant requires at least one principal investigator from HKUST and one from Cornell, the PI from Cornell is Dr. Ding Fei, senior research associate and lecturer in the Department of Global Development at Cornell University. Cornell University and HKUST have identified each other as strategic partners to foster deep collaborations in research and education, as part of Cornell’s Global Hubs initiative, which connects Cornell University with strong international peer institutions based in strategic locations worldwide. The Cornell-HKUST Global Strategic Collaboration Awards (GSCA) have been established to bring faculty from partner institutions together to develop joint projects that will strengthen the two universities’ strategic priorities and develop cutting-edge multidisciplinary research to create academic and societal impact. Only up to five proposals each year are funded under Cornell’s Global Hubs initiative. Each successful proposal may receive up to the equivalent of USD $5,000 from each university for a total of US$ 10,000. About Cornell University- HKUST Global Strategic Collaboration Award Professor Naubahar Sharif, Professor of Public Policy and Head of the Division of Public Policy (PPOL) has received the inaugural, 2022 Cornell-HKUST Global Strategic Collaboration Award for his project on “Competing or Complementary Hegemons? An Analysis of the West’s Responses to China’s Belt and Road Initiative”. Prof. Naubahar SHARIF 6