HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

Joined the Division of Public Policy as an Assistant Professor in October 2022. Prof. Julien de TROULLIOUD de LANVERSIN Joined the Division of Public Policy as an Associate Professor in December 2022. Prof. Alex HE New Appointments HKUST PPOL | Newsletter Spring 2023 On-going Research Projects Leading Faculty Funding Agency Project Prof. Naubahar SHARIF 白立邦 教授 Mental Health Initiatives Funding Scheme (Phase 1) Center for Aging Science, The HKUST Institute for Emerging Market Studies, Center for Economic Policy, HKUST Preparing and Deploying Ethnic Minority Lay Leaders to Promote Mental Well-Being Among Hong Kong’s Major Ethnic Minority Communities (2022- Now) Prof. Kira MATUS 穆綺蘭 教授 RGC - General Research Fund Towards 1.5C Lifestyles: What Motivates Sustainable Consumption Choices in Hong Kong? 邁向 1.5C 生活模式:是什麼推動香港的可持續消費選擇? (2022-Now) Prof. Ye QI 齊曄 教授 Prof. Masaru YARIME 鎗目雅 副教授 Prof. Pengyu ZHU 朱鵬宇 副教授 RGC - Strategic Public Policy Research Funding Scheme Institute for Emerging Market Studies Institute for Emerging Market Studies RGC - Public Policy Research Funding Scheme Innovation and Technology Fund, Other Income (Non-Profit) Developing a Green Finance Centre in Hong Kong in the Context of Green Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area: Institutional Analysis and Policy Design 粵港澳大灣區背景下香港綠色金融中心建設的制度分析與政 策設計 (2020- Now) The Smart City as a Field of Innovation: Effects of Public-Private Data Collaboration on Innovation in the Guangdong Province and Implications for the Greater Bay Area (2022-Now) Prof. Xiaofan ZHAO 趙小凡 助理教授 National Natural Science Foundation of China Explaining Business Compliance: Evidence from Energy-Saving Regulation in China 中國企業服從節能減排規制的動因及其作用機制 (2022-Now) The Persistence of Behavioral Changes in Post-Pandemic Hong Kong: Implications for Transportation, Housing and Economic Development Policies 後疫情時代香港社會⾏為轉變的持續性研究:對於交通政 策、住房政策以及經濟發展政策的指導意義 (2022-Now) Strategic Planning for Transforming Hong Kong into a Leading Global Aviation and Innovation Hub 香港轉型成為世界航空與創新中心之策略規劃 (2021- Now) Towards a More Inclusive Hong Kong: COVID-19, Mental Well-Being, and Mitigation Strategies For a Multicultural Elderly Community (2022- Now) Influence of an Interplay Between Culture and Chinese Outward FDI into Southeast Asia (2022- Now) 7