HKUST PPOL Newsletter Spring 2023

HKUST PPOL | Newsletter Spring 2023 Research Showcase Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy He, Alex Jingwei. “Scaling-Up through Piloting: Dual-track Provider Payment Reforms in China’s Health System.” management of scaling up in the health sector. It analyses the recent development of provider payment reforms in China, focusing particularly on the ongoing pilot programs, namely diagnosis-related groups (DRGs) and diagnosis-intervention packets (DIP), that are being piloted in a dual-track fashion since 2020. Data were drawn from extensive documentary analysis and 20 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, including decisionmakers and implementers. It is found that scaling up through piloting helps his paper puts forth ‘scaling up through piloting’ as a distinctive pathway for the strategic T Chinese policymakers minimize the vast uncertainties associated with complex payment reforms and maximize the local adaptability of provider payment innovations. This pathway has forged a phased implementation process, allowing new payment models to be tested, evaluated, compared, and adjusted in a full spectrum of local contexts before a national rollout. Several key factors have been identified as crucial for strategic scaling-up: necessary central steering, a pragmatic piloting design, strong technical capacity, and effective policy learning mechanisms. Health Policy & Planning (2022). 9 Geographic distribution of DRG/DIP pilots in China.