Science Focus (issue 24)

What’s Happening in Hong Kong? 香港科技活動 Fun in Summer Science Activities 夏日科學好節目 Any plans for this summer? Check out these activities! 計劃好這個夏天的好去處了嗎?不妨考慮以下活動! Material Tales — The Life of Things 天生我「材」─ 材料科學與設計 Mars Calling 火星的呼喚 From prehistoric stones and bronzes to the latest nanoproducts, the inventive use of materials have propelled technological advancements throughout the ages. This special exhibition at the Science Museum features a collection from the London Design Museum, alongside innovative locally developed materials and interactive exhibits. You will discover the fascinating connection between materials and human civilization, explore the transformation of materials into everyday products, and be reminded of the potential catastrophic consequences of over-consumption on natural resources. Now being dry and largely uninhabitable, evidence suggests that Mars was once full of water, and perhaps life. To prepare for possible human exploration, NASA has sent five rovers to record the red planet’s climate and geology over the decades. Ambitious space travel advocates like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are even exploring affordable ways to send travelers to Mars. Do you want to visit the large volcanoes and canyons there one day? Watch the show at the Space Museum to plan your (grandchildren’s) grad trip! Period: May 19, 2023 – October 18, 2023 Venue: Special Exhibition Hall, Hong Kong Science Museum P.S.: This introduction was generated by ChatGPT, and edited by DeepL Write and human editors. Time: 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM on May 14, 2023 (Sun) 4:30 PM and 5:30 PM on June 18, 2023 (Sun) Venue: Lecture Hall, Hong Kong Space Museum Admission fee: Free admission on a first-come, first-served basis 展期: 2023年5月19日至 2023年 10月18日 地點: 香港科學館特備展覽廳 備註:這篇介紹由 ChatGPT 生成,經 DeepL Write 和 人類編者潤飾,再由人類翻譯。 時間:2023年5月14日(日)下午三時至四時 2023年6月18日(日)下午四時半至五時半 地點: 香港太空館演講廳 入場費:免費入座,座位先到先得 由史前時期的石頭和青銅到今時今日的 奈米產品,人類一直都能透過善用材料推動科 技發展。這次科學館的專題展覽會同時展出 倫敦設計博物館的藏品、本地研發的嶄新材料 以及一些互動展品,讓大眾了解材料和人類 文明之間的密切關係,探索材料轉化成日用品 的過程,亦會提醒我們過度消耗自然資源可 能帶來的災難性後果。 雖然現在的火星既乾涸又不宜居住,但證 據顯示它曾經水源充足,而且可能是個孕育生命 的星球。為著未來人類可能探索火星的一天, 美國太空總署在過去數十年曾把五個探測器送 上火星,以記錄這個紅色星球的氣候和地質情 況。Elon Musk和Jeff Bezos這些雄心勃勃 的太空旅遊提倡者更積極尋求方法把旅客送上 火星。有天你會想親身觀賞火星上巨大的火山 和峽谷嗎?趕快到太空館欣賞這套紀錄片,然 後為你(孫兒)的畢業旅行作好準備吧! 1