SENG UG Booklet 2023

BSc in Computer Science (COSC) is uniquely designed to be utilized as one half of a double-major declaration. Students enrolled in COSC are required to be simultaneously enrolled in at least one other major, e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Social Analysis, Biotechnology, etc. Students who wish to double-major can either start in Computer Science and declare their second major afterwards, or start in another major and then add COSC. In the former case, you should seek admission to the School of Engineering. BSc in Computer Science The Program equips students with various mathematical tools, data analytical skills and IT technologies to make sense of data obtained from various sources and to utilize them. For example, in industry, data science and technology would help to improve their productivity, whereas in commerce, it would serve as quick analytics to predict the stock price, design new investment tools, etc. Through four years of rigorous training, students are expected to be well versed with useful tools to deal with data such as data analytics, programming skills and mathematical modeling, all of which give students a solid foundation for their future career. (Jointly offered by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering) BSc in Data Science and Technology 16 WHAT IS ENGINEERING?