SENG UG Booklet 2023

Energy and information flow in electrical form, and electronic engineers develop technologies that have vastly improved our quality of life. The BEng in Electronic Engineering program covers technologies that found applications in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, internet of things, etc. These advanced technologies include signal and information processing, communications and networks, computer engineering and embedded system design, robotics and automation, microelectronics and integrated circuit design, photonics and optics, and biomedical electronics.These areas are critical to the growth of our information-based society and mastering them opens up vast career opportunities. BEng in Electronic Engineering Mashiat LAMISA 2020 BSc (Integrative Systems and Design) Product Manager, Lalamove HKUST has been the most significant point of turn in my personal and professional life given how much it has allowed me to grow as a person and inspired me to turn my entrepreneurial dreams into reality. I not only got to study here but learnt to build things, invent and work with new technology hands-on. Graduating from ISD has made it possible for me to get my hands on the latest technologies while in university which a lot of people might not have the opportunity to. The experiential learning at ISD is so all-rounded that as soon as I graduated, I was overwhelmingly welcomed by employers from different industries. Ultimately, that led me to my dream job of being a maker, a product engineer at Sparkmate. Being a female in STEM was not just encouraged but also celebrated here in HKUST’s School of Engineering and that has played a core part of building a can-do attitude within me. 18 WHAT IS ENGINEERING?