SENG UG Booklet 2023

Applicants with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) results must meet (i) General requirements, and (ii) School-speci c Subject requirements*: General Requirements Notes: M1 : Mathematics Extended Module 1 (Calculus & Statistics) M2 : Mathematics Extended Module 2 (Algebra & Calculus) 4 CORES ELECTIVES Chinese Language LEVEL 3 LEVEL 3 LEVEL 2 LEVEL 3 English Language Elective 1* School-speci c Subject Requirements* One of: Biology / Chemistry / Physics / Combined Science / ICT LEVEL 3 LEVEL 3 Elective 2 or M1 / M2 Maths. (Compulsory Module) Liberal Studies HKUST recognizes various international quali cations for admissions. The following list shows some of the examples and is by no means exhaustive. General Admission Requirements 1. American Patterned System (SAT/AP) 2. British Patterned System (GCEAL/IAL) 3. Canadian Curriculum 4. Indian Curriculum School-Speci c Subject Requirements Senior High School Mathematics AND One Senior High School subject from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Studies (other relevant subjects may also be considered) For Applicants with International Quali cations Others Many more quali cations recognized by HKUST for admission can be found at 5. Indonesian Curriculum 6. International Baccalaureate 7. Malaysian Curriculum (STPM or UEC) *Design related subjects will also be considered by the BSc in Integrative Systems and Design Program, e.g. Design & Applied Technology in HKDSE. 25 For Local Applicants with HKDSE Results • Engineering (School-based admission) JUPAS No.: JS5200 • Engineering with an Extended Major in Arti cial Intelligence (School-based admission) JUPAS No.: JS5282 • BSc in Integrative Systems and Design JUPAS No.: JS5211