SENG UG Booklet 2023

Interdisciplinary Major Programs Widen your career options! After the rst year at SENG, you can also select a cutting-edge interdisciplinary major covering business management, data science, the environment or risk management. • Dual Degree Program (BEng/BSc and BBA) inTechnology and Management • BSc in Data Science and Technology • BSc in Environmental Management and Technology • BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence • BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major Choose from a wide spectrum of world-class engineering programs after the first year at Hong Kong’s No.1 School of Engineering. • All the above majors can be completed with an Extended Major in Arti cial Intelligence. # Can also be completed with an Extended Major in Digital Media and Creative Arts (subject to University's approval). (More details on p.22) • Actuarial Mathematics • Aeronautical Engineering • Big Data Technology • Business • Entrepreneurship • Robotics Minor Programs You can enrich your learning experience by taking up one or more insightful minor programs, such as the ones listed below. The above list is by no means exhaustive ...... Check it out from HKUST’s website! • BEng in Aerospace Engineering# • BEng in Bioengineering • BEng in Chemical Engineering • BEng in Chemical and Environmental Engineering • BEng in Civil Engineering# • BEng in Civil and Environmental Engineering# • BEng in Computer Engineering# • BEng/BSc in Computer Science# • BEng in Decision Analytics# • BEng in Electronic Engineering# • BEng in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management# • BEng in Mechanical Engineering# • BEng in Sustainable Energy Engineering • BSc in Integrative Systems and Design# Major Programs 9