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Professor James WONG Associate Dean (UG) and GCS Program Director Après la pluie, le beau temps ! After the rain comes the sun. As we bid farewell to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to celebrate the return of normalcy. We no longer need to maintain social distancing. We no longer need to put on our masks. We no longer teach and learn in virtual classrooms only. We can finally dine out till late in the evening. We can finally travel for work and leisure without much border control. All these appeared normal before 2020, perhaps as normal as the sun rising. Nothing should be taken for granted, even normalcy. Typhoon Saola has disrupted the start of another normal semester. Generative AIs have shaken the normal way of thinking about education and careers. Indeed, life is full of uncertainty. Things change and keep changing. It seems beyond anyone’s reach to accurately predict how long the normalcy will last. Facing the impermanence of life is never easy. Learning to be adaptive and resilient could be a good enough first step. At SHSS, we aspire to train you to react and respond to uncertainties, so that you can cope with hard times better and value good times more. Cross-disciplinary knowledge provides you with broad visions and perspectives for making everyday choices. Transferrable skills help you survive in workplaces and solve unexpected problems. Healthy mindsets and habits enable you to sustain a quality life and empower your inner self. Enjoy the sun, embrace the rain, and get ready to sail. Bon voyage! Disclaimer: This message is not generated by ChatGPT. 1

Professor David HENDRY QSA Program Director The proliferation of social data in recent years has created signi cant opportunities, but also serious challenges, for the use of quantitative information. From governments to nonpro ts to industries to academia, people and organizations are developing and using cutting-edge tools aimed at using data to help us understand society and make better decisions. The landscape of quantitative information and tools to assess it is changing rapidly, and is likely to keep accelerating. The Quantitative Social Analysis (QSA) program offered by the Division of Social Science aims to prepare students for this fast-paced environment. With faculty members who use quantitative information to draw insights from a variety of disciplines — demography, economics, political science, psychology, sociology — our program offers students wide-ranging perspectives on how to use theory combined with data to understand the human condition. The interdisciplinary nature of our program is increasingly valuable to employers, and this is re ected in the post-graduation achievements of our rst couple of cohorts of graduates. As the new director of the QSA program, I am looking forward to meeting all of our new and returning QSA students in the coming academic year. Together, let’s make 2023-2024 a great year. 2

投身人力資源行業 相比起數字,Leona 更喜歡與人相處的工作。她在大學 期間找到了獵頭公司的實習工作,是她第一份跟人力資源 有關的實習。在其後的實習經歷中,Leona 對於這個行 業有了更深刻的了解,也決定了自己未來的職業方向。 給畢業生的求職建議 Leona 建議畢業生可以將目光放長遠,不僅關注本地就 業的機會,也可以了解大灣區或亞洲的就業機會。Leona 又認為面對如 ChatGPT 等新科技的出現時,畢業生首先 要明白自己最大的優勢是能感受對方的情緒。其次就是調 整心態,明白工作主要是表現而不是學習。最後就是要有 主動學習,不能每事都坐著等別人來指導。 人力資源行業需要甚麼特質的人才 Leona 認為如果進入獵頭公司工作,最重要的是「不怕 醜」,要勇於致電潛在的客戶。其次是要負責任,能獨立 工作。 在今期的本科通訊,我們有幸邀請到 2015 年 GCS 舊生 劉竹珺(Leona)接受專訪,談及她由內地來港升學的經 歷、投身人力資源行業的經過,以及提醒同學投身職場的 注意事項。 上海女生來港求學 Leona 來自上海,高中時偶然有機會來港參觀大學校園, 她特別被科大的漂亮景色所吸引。後來她獲科大 GCS 取 錄,並獲頒獎學金。作為文科生,她對文學和文化等有興 趣,而 GCS 是一個博雅課程,讓學生可以從不同和全面 的視角看世界,這是她選擇 GCS 的原因。 學粵語、海外交流難忘有趣 問及大學生涯的難忘趣事,Leona 認為是掌握了粵語。從 一開始只懂乘搭小巴時喊「唔該有落」,到現時說得一口 流利粵語,雖然一開始得到同學協助翻譯,但 Leona 認 為要了解一個城市和它的歷史文化,語言是十分重要的, 於是便由聽開始去學習粵語。 另外,在二年級的時候,Leona 前往美國的 UCLA 當交 換生,有機會認識該校的課程。 3 劉竹珺(環球中國研究 2015 畢業生)、任職人力資源行業 文:楊嘉誠(環球中國研究) ALUMNUS’ INTERVIEW 校友專訪

Entering Human Resources Industry Compared to numbers, Leona liked working with people more. During her university years, she found an internship with an executive recruiter, and that was her rst internship on human resources. In her subsequent internship experiences, Leona gained a deeper understanding of the industry and decided on her future career path. Career Advice for Graduates Leona suggested that graduates could take the long view – focusing not only on the local job market, but also that of the Greater Bay Area or Asia. With the advent of new technology such as ChatGPT, she thought that graduates should get to know their greatest advantage – the ability to feel others’ feelings. Next is adjusting one’s mindset – work is mainly about performing, not learning. Lastly, one should take the initiative to learn instead of sitting there waiting for guidance. Qualities Needed in Human Resources Industry If one joined an executive recruiter, Leona thought that not being shy was most important, and that was willing to make cold calls. One should also have a sense of responsibility and be able to work independently. In the current issue, we are pleased to have GCS alumnus Leona LIU who graduated in 2015 to share with us her study experience, how she entered the human resources industry, and reminders on joining the workforces. Shanghai Girl Studying in Hong Kong Leona came from Shanghai. During high school, she had the opportunity to visit university campuses in Hong Kong. She was especially attracted by the scenery of HKUST. She was later admitted to GCS and offered a scholarship. As a liberal art student, she was interested in areas such as literature and culture. She chose GCS because it was a liberal arts program where students could see the world from different and holistic perspectives. Learning Cantonese and Overseas Exchange When asked about unforgettable interesting moments about university life, Leona answered picking up Cantonese. Now uent in Cantonese, back then she knew only a few like asking the driver for getting off a minibus. Although she had friends to translate for her, she believed that language was important to understand a city and its history and culture, so she started learning Cantonese by listening. Meanwhile, in her second year of study, Leona went to UCLA in the United States as an exchange student. She could learn about the programs of the university. 4 Leona LIU (GCS Class of 2015), Human Resources Industry Text: Jacky YANG (GCS)

5 EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES HKUST Information Day 2022 November 2022 Minibus Sign Painting Workshop November 2022 Student Ambassador Gathering April 2023 Alumni Sharing Session May 2023 Cuttle sh Fishing Night May 2023 Career Workshops Various months 2022 NOV NOV MAY MAY APR

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Laura ZENG (GCS) Reporter, TVB Laura’s two months with TVB gave her a unique and unforgettable experience. As a reporter, she was given various opportunities to explore the journalism industry – preparing questions, conducting interviews, and wr iting news reports. She has her abilities in analyzing and summarizing information and communication skills improved after the internship. LING Hiu Ying (GCS) Internship, Of ces of Legislator Jeffery LAM Kin Fung and District Councillor Steve CHO Wui Hung Hiu Ying served her internship at the of ces of Legislator Jeffery LAM Kin Fung and District Councillor Steve CHO Wui Hung. The internship helped her grasp the reality of the daily operation of public service. She felt privileged to have the opportunity to work at different of ces, and believed the skills and knowledge she acquired would contribute to her better future. Nicole LAI (GCS) Full Time Intern, Fujian Liaison Unit, HKSAR Government In this internship, Nicole had the privilege of visiting a wide range of companies, including Hong Kong-owned enterprises in Fujian, promising companies in Fuzhou, the Tongxin Base for Fujian-Hong Kong cooperation and exchange, as well as government agencies in Fujian. These visits provided her with valuable opportunities to interact with professionals from various fields and gain insights into China’s development prospects, advantages, and opportunities. She also participated in various tasks related to daily operations and project advancement. For example, she assisted in collecting and organizing information on Fujian and Hong Kong, as well as coordinating schedules for seminars. Through her involvement in organizing the annual labor law lecture, she acquired skills in coordinating and preparing for large-scale events, as well as writing activity reports. Overall, this internship allowed her to expand her professional network, gain knowledge about China’s development landscape, and develop practical skills in information management and event coordination. INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCES Amy LI (GCS) Internship, Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition at Wushang Dream Times Mall Amy had her internship with Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition held at Wushang Dream Times Mall. Even as a non-art major, she was tasked with event planning and works explanation to guests. To better understand the artist so that she could convey the messages to exhibition guests, she and the team conducted academic research, collected resources, and visited a university professor for learning and experiencing the printmaking process. Amy found her internship enlightening and inspiring as it enabled her to delve deeper into the world of art, expand her understanding of different artistic styles, and appreciate the power and allure of artistic expression. 7

CHOW Yau Hin (QSA) Project Assistant, Hulu Culture Yau Hin was tasked with drafting a proposal together with colleagues on intangible cultural heritage. He also received guests in an exhibition on Hulu Culture’s previous projects. He drafted online questionnaire as well. During the internship, Yau Hin found himself a fast learner. He thinks cultural and historical projects are very interesting, and he may consider working in a similar eld after graduation. Byron YIN (QSA) Student Work Placement, HSBC With HSBC, Byron served as the point of contact of different parties, prepared reports for various stakeholders, and participated in user acceptance test (UAT). After the internship, his nancial product knowledge has been improved. He also better understood different ows and processes through daily tasks and interactions, and he could apply quantitative methods to complex data sets. Byron is interested in pursuing a career in this eld after graduation. Sophie WONG (GCS) Business Development Intern, Hong Kong Tourism Board Sophie assisted in organizing an online trade brie ng for over 700 local and overseas business partners, participated in on-site training with local merchants for promoting the “Hong Kong Goodies” offerings, and helped prepare the Quality Tourism Services Pledge Ceremony. She was also given the opportunity to present her proposal to management, and it was adopted and ran smoothly with the support of her team members. The internship enabled her to acquire many precious experiences which widened her perspectives, strengthened her soft skills, and boosted her self-con dence. She was grateful for being one of the interns and the fruitful journey. CHENG Ka Ho (QSA) Philanthropy Apprentice, Bloomberg Ka Ho has been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing philanthropy events in the Asia Paci c region, communicating with non-pro t organization partners, and conducting impact evaluations. This opportunity has allowed him to work in a eld that aligns with his values and contribute to making a positive impact in our community. He is grateful for the chance to learn from and work alongside professionals in this eld. 8

PANG Hung Tai (GCS) University of Warwick, United Kingdom Hung Tai was not feeling easy with the winter in the UK – cloudy, early sunset, and raining – but he managed to adapt to the change. Living on his own also made him grow up a lot – learning how to cook. He even shared some of his food with his atmates. Hung Tai had made new friends as well, and they went to parties and short trips together. In classrooms, he was impressed by the interactive approach adopted by professors. 9 OVERSEAS LEARNING EXPERIENCES NI Yu Shang (GCS) University of Warwick, United Kingdom Yu Shang was surprised by the course arrangement in the University of Warwick, where students were made responsible to lead a seminar with proposed questions and interpretations regarding the reading materials. Through taking courses about literature and feminism, she had access to brand new analytical skills and comparative methodologies. In the quiet and peaceful City of Coventry where Yu Shang stayed in, Yu Shang could also understand herself better through introspection and self-acceptance. After the exchange, she is determined to study in the UK for higher degrees. LUI Lai Chi (GCS) Peking University In Peking University, Lai Chi took courses ranging from psychology to law and economics to arts. She thinks that everything was so different from HKUST. Apart from studying, she joined extra-curricular activities such as a two-day club orientation where students could know more clubs and enjoy the shows prepared by the clubs. Lai Chi also had the opportunities to enjoy concerts and movie screening on campus. She once even got the chance to interact with a movie director.

Jacky YANG (GCS) Utrecht University, the Netherlands In Utrecht Summer School, Jacky took the course of Dutch Culture and Society. The course provided a deep dive into the intricacies of Dutch culture, exploring everything from art history to social norms and issues. He made a lot of friends from different parts of the world and experienced the European country. He also enjoyed the inclusive atmosphere of the Amsterdam Pride Parade 2023. LAM Chun Yin (GCS) Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands In Erasmus University Rotterdam, Chun Yin studied media and communications. He learned quite a lot from an international perspective. He also enjoyed the culture in the Netherlands, such as football and festivals. Moreover, during his exchange, he traveled to many countries where he experienced different cultures and traditions. WU Junbin (QSA) Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany In The University of Tübingen, Junbin enjoyed very much the in-depth academic discussion during lectures where he learnt about the conceptualization of ideas and gained a deeper understanding of the differences between quantitative and qualitative approaches. Junbin also traveled around the country. He once spent a week hiking in the Alps, which brought him fond memories. 10

YU Yue (QSA) Yue received Professor Samuel Chanson Best Final Year Project Award and the 1st-class winner of the FYP award sponsored by the industry partner, issued by Department of Computer Science & Engineering of HKUST (only 6 groups out of 93 groups). Besides, his paper that introduces his nal year project was accepted by ACM SIGCAS/SIGCHI Conference on Computing and Sustainable Societies, and he got the opportunity to present his work there at the conference. Ashleigh MA (GCS) Ashleigh is deeply honoured and thrilled to have had the privilege of representing Hong Kong in the 400 Metres Hurdles event at the FISU World University Games, which took place in Chengdu, China. Participating in this international competition was an exhilarating experience that broadened her horizons. It was her rst foray into a global sporting event, and she relished the opportunity to compete against skilled athletes from different countries. Remarkably, she achieved her seasonal best time of 61.77 seconds for the event. However, this enriching experience also highlighted areas where she can continue to grow and re ne her skills before advancing to the next level of training and competition. Anson WONG (GCS) Anson feels extremely honoured and grateful for being awarded the Tin Ka Ping Scholarship (Arts), HKUST 2022/23, especially considering the challenges that come with pursuing music performance as a non-music major. It requires countless hours of practice and balancing academic responsibilities with musical aspirations can be quite daunting. This scholarship is a recognition of her hard work and dedication towards her dream. She would like to express her heartfelt gratitude to the selection committee for choosing her as the recipient. This recognition has given her the motivation to further pursue her passion and enhance her skills in music performance. STUDENTS’ ACCOMPLISHMENTS 11

Tom SU (QSA) In 2022, SHSS UG students Tom and Terrie have co-founded a social enterprise with alumni called CrossKnow – to make the knowledge across people without boundary. Their rst project is the automatic book-crossing machine - people can donate their unwanted books and take books from others through the machine all for FREE!! They are going to introduce more social projects and contribute to knowledge exchange among our community, feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or interest regarding entrepreneurship or startup through their Instagram (@crossknow.booklore)! Jacky YANG (GCS) Jacky played Court Attendant in the classical Cantonese opera “The Floral Princess” (帝女花) previously performed at HKUST Shaw Auditorium. He devoted extensive time to memorize the lines, blocking, gestures, etc. The cast also did run-throughs several times to ensure the show could be perfectly delivered. Jacky realized that the coordination among different parties, such as the orchestra, actors, and backstage staff, was the key to a successful performance. The lesson he learned from this performance experience can be concluded with a Chinese old saying: “Have sharp eyes and keen ears; to be observant and alert” (眼觀六路,耳聽八方). CHENG Ka Ho (QSA) Ka Ho is excited and grateful for being elected as one of the top ten outstanding students by the Hong Kong Mingde (香港明德會) in 2022. It is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his academic pursuits, personal achievements and community service. In addition, he is honored to serve as the president of the Outstanding Students Committee. In this role, he has had the opportunity to organize six workshops and three volunteer works for university students, helping to foster a sense of community and giving back. 12

13 Dominic NG (QSA) Dominic has received and accepted the offer of Postgraduate Diploma of Education (PGDE) (Primary) — Mathematics and General Studies in EdUHK, in which the term starts from late August 2023. CHEN Jingruo (QSA) Jingruo is going to Cornell University for the graduate program in information science in Bowers College of Computing and Information Science. FRESH GRADUATES’ UPDATES Victoria LEUNG (GCS) Victoria is pursuing Master of Social Work in HKU. GCS’s multidisciplinary curriculum has provided her with a solid foundation in social policy and issues, which is essential to her future study. During her undergraduate study, she also participated in various volunteering programs offered by the School and external organizations. Anson WONG (GCS) Four years of undergraduate studies have passed by in the blink of an eye, and Anson is lled with gratitude for all the experiences that have contributed to her academic and personal development. As she wraps up this chapter of her life, she feels nurtured and equipped with a global vision for her next journey. She is thrilled to share that she will be joining the Bank of China (Hong Kong) as a management trainee. She encourages everyone to be fearless and step out of your comfort zone. Don't decline any opportunities that come your way, as each experience will embrace your future and help you grow in ways you never thought possible. She wishes everyone the best in both academic and personal endeavors.

Messi LEE (QSA Class of 2020) Messi (Left) is a PhD candidate in the Division of Computational and Data Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. His academic journey has led him to discover a passion in the eld of AI Ethics, where he strives to bridge the gap between technological advancements and ethical considerations. In his research, he delves into the complexities of AI systems, uncovering their potential biases. His current project documents a prevalent yet understudied form of stereotyping found in Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. ALUMNI’S UPDATES LAI Ka Fai (GCS Class of 2019) Serving as a Teacher and Panel Head in a local Band-1 Secondary School allows Ka Fai to actualize the knowledge and interpersonal skills he learned from the GCS program, such as politics and history of China, presentation skills, as well as problem-solving skills. As a GCS alumnus, he was so grateful that the Program provided him with a free and supportive learning atmosphere, therefore, he was capable of exploring himself and pursuing his career through the experience of the exchange program and the internship. Now, he not only serves our community as a teacher but also as a member of the District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee, a member of YDC ambassador, etc. Jamie TSE (GCS Class of 2017) Six years ago, Jamie left the HKUST as a proud GCS graduate and embarked on a new journey as an Administrative Of cer of the HKSAR Government. Jamie has since then had three rotations with vastly diverse roles and policy purviews, providing her with a holistic perspective into the governance and administration of the place we call home. In her current post in the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, she is responsible for promoting the constitutional basis of Hong Kong and driving Hong Kong’s integration into the national development. Throughout the journey, she is also pleased to have the opportunity to mentor aspiring AOs, including one from GCS. She encourages all GCS friends to go bold, cultivate curiosity and strive for success! 14

ALUMNI’S UPDATES KIM Hyun-jeong (GCS Class of 2015) Hyun-jeong (Right 2) is currently pursuing PhD in international area studies at Seoul National University. She often enjoys weekend visiting art galleries. She cherishes every moment spending with family and friends. ZHANG Junyao (GCS Class of 2021) After nishing her master’s degree in social data science in Oxford last September, Junyao moved to London and started a career in private equity. She is still in close contact with GCS friends who are based in the US and China, and they regularly have online gatherings. LEE Tsz Yan (GCS Class of 2018) Passionate in human development, Tsz Yan has served in various teaching, design and leadership positions since graduating from HKUST. The training she received from GCS prepared her for rigorous research in multiple disciplines, including sociology, anthropology, psychology and learning science. Then, admitted to Harvard's Graduate School of Education, she learned with a diverse cohort of peers, worked at various research labs, and shared her learning through multi-modal publications (including an education podcast that ranked regional no.1 in Hong Kong!). CHAN Sze Yuen (QSA Class of 2022) Sze Yuen recently celebrated his one-year work anniversary with Lee Hysan Foundation, and it has been a fruitful and eye-opening journey. Over the past year, he had the opportunity to engage with leaders from universities, social enterprises, and NGOs, as well as contribute to proposal development and project monitoring. The hands-on experience has deepened his understanding of diverse community needs and the dynamic developments in the non-pro t sector, particularly in philanthropy, in Hong Kong. Besides, he has continuously pursued his language studies, and he is thrilled to have obtained a Postgraduate Certi cate in Translation and passed the JLPT N2 Test this year. 15


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