SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

PANG Hung Tai (GCS) University of Warwick, United Kingdom Hung Tai was not feeling easy with the winter in the UK – cloudy, early sunset, and raining – but he managed to adapt to the change. Living on his own also made him grow up a lot – learning how to cook. He even shared some of his food with his atmates. Hung Tai had made new friends as well, and they went to parties and short trips together. In classrooms, he was impressed by the interactive approach adopted by professors. 9 OVERSEAS LEARNING EXPERIENCES NI Yu Shang (GCS) University of Warwick, United Kingdom Yu Shang was surprised by the course arrangement in the University of Warwick, where students were made responsible to lead a seminar with proposed questions and interpretations regarding the reading materials. Through taking courses about literature and feminism, she had access to brand new analytical skills and comparative methodologies. In the quiet and peaceful City of Coventry where Yu Shang stayed in, Yu Shang could also understand herself better through introspection and self-acceptance. After the exchange, she is determined to study in the UK for higher degrees. LUI Lai Chi (GCS) Peking University In Peking University, Lai Chi took courses ranging from psychology to law and economics to arts. She thinks that everything was so different from HKUST. Apart from studying, she joined extra-curricular activities such as a two-day club orientation where students could know more clubs and enjoy the shows prepared by the clubs. Lai Chi also had the opportunities to enjoy concerts and movie screening on campus. She once even got the chance to interact with a movie director.