SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Tom SU (QSA) In 2022, SHSS UG students Tom and Terrie have co-founded a social enterprise with alumni called CrossKnow – to make the knowledge across people without boundary. Their rst project is the automatic book-crossing machine - people can donate their unwanted books and take books from others through the machine all for FREE!! They are going to introduce more social projects and contribute to knowledge exchange among our community, feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions or interest regarding entrepreneurship or startup through their Instagram (@crossknow.booklore)! Jacky YANG (GCS) Jacky played Court Attendant in the classical Cantonese opera “The Floral Princess” (帝女花) previously performed at HKUST Shaw Auditorium. He devoted extensive time to memorize the lines, blocking, gestures, etc. The cast also did run-throughs several times to ensure the show could be perfectly delivered. Jacky realized that the coordination among different parties, such as the orchestra, actors, and backstage staff, was the key to a successful performance. The lesson he learned from this performance experience can be concluded with a Chinese old saying: “Have sharp eyes and keen ears; to be observant and alert” (眼觀六路,耳聽八方). CHENG Ka Ho (QSA) Ka Ho is excited and grateful for being elected as one of the top ten outstanding students by the Hong Kong Mingde (香港明德會) in 2022. It is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his academic pursuits, personal achievements and community service. In addition, he is honored to serve as the president of the Outstanding Students Committee. In this role, he has had the opportunity to organize six workshops and three volunteer works for university students, helping to foster a sense of community and giving back. 12