SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Messi LEE (QSA Class of 2020) Messi (Left) is a PhD candidate in the Division of Computational and Data Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis. His academic journey has led him to discover a passion in the eld of AI Ethics, where he strives to bridge the gap between technological advancements and ethical considerations. In his research, he delves into the complexities of AI systems, uncovering their potential biases. His current project documents a prevalent yet understudied form of stereotyping found in Natural Language Processing (NLP) systems. ALUMNI’S UPDATES LAI Ka Fai (GCS Class of 2019) Serving as a Teacher and Panel Head in a local Band-1 Secondary School allows Ka Fai to actualize the knowledge and interpersonal skills he learned from the GCS program, such as politics and history of China, presentation skills, as well as problem-solving skills. As a GCS alumnus, he was so grateful that the Program provided him with a free and supportive learning atmosphere, therefore, he was capable of exploring himself and pursuing his career through the experience of the exchange program and the internship. Now, he not only serves our community as a teacher but also as a member of the District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee, a member of YDC ambassador, etc. Jamie TSE (GCS Class of 2017) Six years ago, Jamie left the HKUST as a proud GCS graduate and embarked on a new journey as an Administrative Of cer of the HKSAR Government. Jamie has since then had three rotations with vastly diverse roles and policy purviews, providing her with a holistic perspective into the governance and administration of the place we call home. In her current post in the Constitutional and Mainland Affairs Bureau, she is responsible for promoting the constitutional basis of Hong Kong and driving Hong Kong’s integration into the national development. Throughout the journey, she is also pleased to have the opportunity to mentor aspiring AOs, including one from GCS. She encourages all GCS friends to go bold, cultivate curiosity and strive for success! 14