SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Professor James WONG Associate Dean (UG) and GCS Program Director Après la pluie, le beau temps ! After the rain comes the sun. As we bid farewell to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to celebrate the return of normalcy. We no longer need to maintain social distancing. We no longer need to put on our masks. We no longer teach and learn in virtual classrooms only. We can finally dine out till late in the evening. We can finally travel for work and leisure without much border control. All these appeared normal before 2020, perhaps as normal as the sun rising. Nothing should be taken for granted, even normalcy. Typhoon Saola has disrupted the start of another normal semester. Generative AIs have shaken the normal way of thinking about education and careers. Indeed, life is full of uncertainty. Things change and keep changing. It seems beyond anyone’s reach to accurately predict how long the normalcy will last. Facing the impermanence of life is never easy. Learning to be adaptive and resilient could be a good enough first step. At SHSS, we aspire to train you to react and respond to uncertainties, so that you can cope with hard times better and value good times more. Cross-disciplinary knowledge provides you with broad visions and perspectives for making everyday choices. Transferrable skills help you survive in workplaces and solve unexpected problems. Healthy mindsets and habits enable you to sustain a quality life and empower your inner self. Enjoy the sun, embrace the rain, and get ready to sail. Bon voyage! Disclaimer: This message is not generated by ChatGPT. 1