SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Professor David HENDRY QSA Program Director The proliferation of social data in recent years has created signi cant opportunities, but also serious challenges, for the use of quantitative information. From governments to nonpro ts to industries to academia, people and organizations are developing and using cutting-edge tools aimed at using data to help us understand society and make better decisions. The landscape of quantitative information and tools to assess it is changing rapidly, and is likely to keep accelerating. The Quantitative Social Analysis (QSA) program offered by the Division of Social Science aims to prepare students for this fast-paced environment. With faculty members who use quantitative information to draw insights from a variety of disciplines — demography, economics, political science, psychology, sociology — our program offers students wide-ranging perspectives on how to use theory combined with data to understand the human condition. The interdisciplinary nature of our program is increasingly valuable to employers, and this is re ected in the post-graduation achievements of our rst couple of cohorts of graduates. As the new director of the QSA program, I am looking forward to meeting all of our new and returning QSA students in the coming academic year. Together, let’s make 2023-2024 a great year. 2