SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Entering Human Resources Industry Compared to numbers, Leona liked working with people more. During her university years, she found an internship with an executive recruiter, and that was her rst internship on human resources. In her subsequent internship experiences, Leona gained a deeper understanding of the industry and decided on her future career path. Career Advice for Graduates Leona suggested that graduates could take the long view – focusing not only on the local job market, but also that of the Greater Bay Area or Asia. With the advent of new technology such as ChatGPT, she thought that graduates should get to know their greatest advantage – the ability to feel others’ feelings. Next is adjusting one’s mindset – work is mainly about performing, not learning. Lastly, one should take the initiative to learn instead of sitting there waiting for guidance. Qualities Needed in Human Resources Industry If one joined an executive recruiter, Leona thought that not being shy was most important, and that was willing to make cold calls. One should also have a sense of responsibility and be able to work independently. In the current issue, we are pleased to have GCS alumnus Leona LIU who graduated in 2015 to share with us her study experience, how she entered the human resources industry, and reminders on joining the workforces. Shanghai Girl Studying in Hong Kong Leona came from Shanghai. During high school, she had the opportunity to visit university campuses in Hong Kong. She was especially attracted by the scenery of HKUST. She was later admitted to GCS and offered a scholarship. As a liberal art student, she was interested in areas such as literature and culture. She chose GCS because it was a liberal arts program where students could see the world from different and holistic perspectives. Learning Cantonese and Overseas Exchange When asked about unforgettable interesting moments about university life, Leona answered picking up Cantonese. Now uent in Cantonese, back then she knew only a few like asking the driver for getting off a minibus. Although she had friends to translate for her, she believed that language was important to understand a city and its history and culture, so she started learning Cantonese by listening. Meanwhile, in her second year of study, Leona went to UCLA in the United States as an exchange student. She could learn about the programs of the university. 4 Leona LIU (GCS Class of 2015), Human Resources Industry Text: Jacky YANG (GCS)