SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

Laura ZENG (GCS) Reporter, TVB Laura’s two months with TVB gave her a unique and unforgettable experience. As a reporter, she was given various opportunities to explore the journalism industry – preparing questions, conducting interviews, and wr iting news reports. She has her abilities in analyzing and summarizing information and communication skills improved after the internship. LING Hiu Ying (GCS) Internship, Of ces of Legislator Jeffery LAM Kin Fung and District Councillor Steve CHO Wui Hung Hiu Ying served her internship at the of ces of Legislator Jeffery LAM Kin Fung and District Councillor Steve CHO Wui Hung. The internship helped her grasp the reality of the daily operation of public service. She felt privileged to have the opportunity to work at different of ces, and believed the skills and knowledge she acquired would contribute to her better future. Nicole LAI (GCS) Full Time Intern, Fujian Liaison Unit, HKSAR Government In this internship, Nicole had the privilege of visiting a wide range of companies, including Hong Kong-owned enterprises in Fujian, promising companies in Fuzhou, the Tongxin Base for Fujian-Hong Kong cooperation and exchange, as well as government agencies in Fujian. These visits provided her with valuable opportunities to interact with professionals from various fields and gain insights into China’s development prospects, advantages, and opportunities. She also participated in various tasks related to daily operations and project advancement. For example, she assisted in collecting and organizing information on Fujian and Hong Kong, as well as coordinating schedules for seminars. Through her involvement in organizing the annual labor law lecture, she acquired skills in coordinating and preparing for large-scale events, as well as writing activity reports. Overall, this internship allowed her to expand her professional network, gain knowledge about China’s development landscape, and develop practical skills in information management and event coordination. INTERNSHIP EXPERIENCES Amy LI (GCS) Internship, Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition at Wushang Dream Times Mall Amy had her internship with Salvador Dalí Art Exhibition held at Wushang Dream Times Mall. Even as a non-art major, she was tasked with event planning and works explanation to guests. To better understand the artist so that she could convey the messages to exhibition guests, she and the team conducted academic research, collected resources, and visited a university professor for learning and experiencing the printmaking process. Amy found her internship enlightening and inspiring as it enabled her to delve deeper into the world of art, expand her understanding of different artistic styles, and appreciate the power and allure of artistic expression. 7