SHSS Undergraduate Newsletter 2023

CHOW Yau Hin (QSA) Project Assistant, Hulu Culture Yau Hin was tasked with drafting a proposal together with colleagues on intangible cultural heritage. He also received guests in an exhibition on Hulu Culture’s previous projects. He drafted online questionnaire as well. During the internship, Yau Hin found himself a fast learner. He thinks cultural and historical projects are very interesting, and he may consider working in a similar eld after graduation. Byron YIN (QSA) Student Work Placement, HSBC With HSBC, Byron served as the point of contact of different parties, prepared reports for various stakeholders, and participated in user acceptance test (UAT). After the internship, his nancial product knowledge has been improved. He also better understood different ows and processes through daily tasks and interactions, and he could apply quantitative methods to complex data sets. Byron is interested in pursuing a career in this eld after graduation. Sophie WONG (GCS) Business Development Intern, Hong Kong Tourism Board Sophie assisted in organizing an online trade brie ng for over 700 local and overseas business partners, participated in on-site training with local merchants for promoting the “Hong Kong Goodies” offerings, and helped prepare the Quality Tourism Services Pledge Ceremony. She was also given the opportunity to present her proposal to management, and it was adopted and ran smoothly with the support of her team members. The internship enabled her to acquire many precious experiences which widened her perspectives, strengthened her soft skills, and boosted her self-con dence. She was grateful for being one of the interns and the fruitful journey. CHENG Ka Ho (QSA) Philanthropy Apprentice, Bloomberg Ka Ho has been entrusted with the responsibility of organizing philanthropy events in the Asia Paci c region, communicating with non-pro t organization partners, and conducting impact evaluations. This opportunity has allowed him to work in a eld that aligns with his values and contribute to making a positive impact in our community. He is grateful for the chance to learn from and work alongside professionals in this eld. 8