ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Interdisciplinary Major Programs Widen your career options! After the first year at SENG, you can also select a cutting-edge interdisciplinary major covering business management, data science, the environment or risk management. • Dual Degree Program (BEng and BBA) in Technology and Management • BSc in Data Science and Technology • BSc in Environmental Management and Technology • BSc in Individualized Interdisciplinary Major • BSc in Integrative Systems and Design • BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence Minor Programs You can enrich your learning experience by taking up one or more insightful minor programs, such as the ones listed below. • Actuarial Mathematics • Aeronautical Engineering • Big Data Technology • Business • Design • Entrepreneurship • Robotics • Smart City The list is by no means exhaustive ...... Check it out from HKUST’s website! 11