ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Cindy TANAKA 2022 BEng (Chemical and Environmental Engineering) Analyst, Sustainability & Climate Risk Advisory, Deloitte In my four years studying at HKUST School of Engineering, I was constantly exposed to the many ways that the engineering field can make a positive impact on the world. I learned about the pressing issue of climate change in one of my Chemical and Environmental Engineering classes. Since then, I continued to explore and learn about the topic by not only taking related classes but also joining events and gaining external experience through internships. Being an engineer taught me that there is something new to learn every day as the world rapidly progresses. At HKUST, I obtained my technical and analytical capabilities, strengthened my interpersonal skills, and pursued my interests, and this journey led me to where I am today, where I am proud to be able to contribute to society as a sustainability and climate change consultant, helping businesses in their low-carbon transition to leave a healthy planet for generations to come. 12