ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

? Are you a problem solver who likes to make things work more efficiently and effectively? Then engineering, which uses scientific, mathematical, economic, social and practical knowledge to solve problems in our daily lives, will interest you. Engineering strives to improve our lives with great inventions, such as computers, satellites, medical devices, artificial intelligence and renewable energy technologies. Whether we live in a tall building or work in a skyscraper, take the MTR or use our mobile phone, invest our personal savings or make critical business decisions, now more than ever, we constantly enjoy the fruits of engineering in our daily lives. They are not only around us everywhere, but develop at an unprecedented speed led by incredible new discoveries and inventions. The Aerospace Engineering program places emphasis on green aviation and new flying vehicles. It aims at equipping graduates with understanding of the essential disciplines of aerodynamics, aircraft structures, flying vehicle dynamics and control, propulsion, material, aero elasticity and interdisciplinary design with a strong theoretical base which is well suited for careers in aerospace and related engineering fields. BEng in AEROSPACE ENGINEERING WHAT IS ENGINEERING 13