ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Computer Engineering focuses on the analysis, design, implementation and utilization of computer systems, from embedded microprocessors, notebook/desktop computers to supercomputers, as well as how they are integrated with other systems to meet the challenges of real-world applications. It bridges the gap between computer science and electronic engineering, and offers students a balanced training on both hardware and software skills, by taking full advantages of the human resources and laboratory facilities of both Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science & Engineering. It’s a well-integrated 2-in-1 program! BEng in COMPUTER ENGINEERING Computer Science studies the application of computers in solving important problems in scienti c, engineering and commercial domains. Our BEng program provides a broad education, teaching problem solving skills to tackle computation problems in all core areas, including programming, data structures and algorithms, operating systems, and software engineering. Students can then choose to learn diverse areas of computer science, such as databases and data mining, networking, embedded systems, computer graphics, image processing, arti cial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, computer security, and theoretical computer science. BEng in COMPUTER SCIENCE 18