ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Industrial Engineering is the active and dynamic discipline of advanced scientific management – the engineering of making smart decisions. By adopting a decision analytics approach with the use of real-world data to drive decision models, graduates of this program are equipped with strong analytical skills as well as the ability to develop algorithms and simulation models for decision-making in domain specific knowledge of problems ranging from operations planning and scheduling to transportation systems and policies, and from global supply chain management to quality control. BEng in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT Energy and information flow in electrical form, and electronic engineers develop technologies that have vastly improved our quality of life. The BEng in Electronic Engineering program covers technologies that found applications in artificial intelligence (AI), big data, robotics, internet of things, etc. These advanced technologies include signal and information processing, communications and networks, computer engineering and embedded system design, robotics and automation, microelectronics and integrated circuit design, photonics and optics, and biomedical electronics. These areas are critical to the growth of our informationbased society and mastering them opens up vast career opportunities. BEng in ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING 22