ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Artificial Intelligence The rst of its kind in Hong Kong, the Engineering with an Extended Major in Arti cial Intelligence seeks to combine a degree in engineering with additional study in the hot area Arti cial Intelligence (AI). Within 4 years, you obtain an engineering degree, PLUS knowledge in AI subjects. Highly interdisciplinary in nature, the AI curriculum covers a number of crossdisciplinary components beyond technical skills, such as design thinking, ethics, etc. It’s practical — the AI knowledge can be directly applied to your major engineering eld such as Civil Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, etc., and be an asset to your career development. Just slightly overload in each term. No extension of study period needed. No extra tuition fee. Students with con rmed interest in AI can apply for admission to this program directly. (More details about admission on p.27) ENGINEERING WITH AN EXTENDED MAJOR 24