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Student-driven Practicum Ignites Creativity In our fast-changing world, creativity and problem-solving are the most important attributes a graduate can have. To nurture student’s creativity, SENG established the Undergraduate Student-initiated Experiential Learning (USEL) program to all its undergraduates, encouraging them to initiate projects and carry them out under the guidance of faculty members. With the USEL lab that allows 24-hour access and the Fei Chi En Dream Team Open Lab, you will have plenty of space, facilities and equipment applicable to a wide range of disciplines to develop your creativity while realizing you dreams. Matthew CHIU 2020 BEng (Electronic Engineering) 2022 MPhil (Electronic and Computer Engineering) Graduate Engineer, MTR Corporation The Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering offers an extensive range of disciplines, from wireless communication to microelectronics, granting me the freedom to navigate my own educational path and explore my passions within the field. This diverse coverage facilitates a deep understanding of various facets of electronic engineering. Furthermore, throughout my six years of study from bachelor’s to master’s, the department has consistently provided me with invaluable learning prospects, including hands-on projects, collaborative group learning experiences, and the opportunity to engage in teaching roles. These opportunities have not only nurtured my personal development but also honed my practical skills, preparing me for a promising career in the field. 29